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Vitamin C and Optimal Immunity

Posted January 15, 2017
Humans are one of the few species of mammals which lack the ability to synthesize vitamin C.  A deficiency of vitamin C broadly affects the various key aspects of one’s immune system.  While the Food and Drug Administration’s “Recommended Daily Allowance” of 60 mg. is…

Optimal Benefits From Selenium

Posted January 4, 2017
An enormous amount of scientific inquiry has revealed that selenium plays critical roles in numerous aspects of human health including offering protection from the advancement of prostate cancer.

Vitamin D and Metformin Reduce Cancer Risk

Posted January 4, 2017
Considerable evidence links both vitamin D3 and metformin to reduced cancer risk.  Now emerging research suggests that in combination, these two safe and well-studied inexpensive compounds may be even more effective against cancer than either one is alone.

Stay Strong. Exercise At Any Age

Posted January 3, 2017
Muscle loss, fatigue and weight gain are major complications that result from androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer (i.e., “hormone therapy”).   Systematically building up to aggressive strength training at any age can slow down, even reverse, the progression of these side effects and offer…

Fight Cancer With Cruciferous Veggies

Posted January 2, 2017
Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, etc. can reduce your risk of developing cancer.  This is because compounds that are plentiful in such foods actually activate genes that suppress tumor formation.  We are not simply stuck with a given genetic disposition for cancer.…

Boron Can Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk

Posted December 15, 2016
There is compelling evidence that supplementing with 3 to 6 mg. of boron can play an important role in protecting men against deadly prostate cancer.  Adequate boron levels have been found to be associated with a 64% reduced risk of prostate cancer.

Another Complementary Medicine Newsletter

Posted December 12, 2016
Here is an advertisement for another Complementary Medicine newsletter.  Lowell A. sent this to me.  Those of you who know Lowell know that he has made a serious study of the emerging science around prostate cancer but neither he nor I had known of some…

Stop Accelerated Aging

Posted August 5, 2016
Apart from such measures as surgery or radiation of one kind or another, a major factor effecting our resistance to cancer and cancer progression has to do with the vitality of our immune system.  As we age past 60 years, there is a marked decline…