Let's Talk About ItA Prostate Cancer Support Group

We gather to share our knowledge and experiences.

Once you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer there are a lot of things on your mind that you may not feel comfortable discussing in polite company. That’s where these support groups come in. We gather to share the knowledge and experiences of dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

We are a gathering of men who get it.

While we ourselves are certainly not physicians and won’t presume to give you medical advice, we do know what PSA levels and Gleason scores are all about. We know about the treatment options that are available to you in Indianapolis and beyond as well as the risks of side effects that each of those entails. Imagine that if the next time you met with your physician you had not only your list of questions but a list of questions that twelve other guys who are experienced with prostate cancer therapies thought of for you.

We have had relationships with dozens of urologists and radiology oncologists.

We will talk honestly with you about what we liked and didn’t like about our experiences with the physicians we have worked with.  We have participants who have undergone treatment with some of the best providers in central Indiana and some of the best providers and treatment facilities in the country.

You will learn things that your physicians won’t have time to discuss with you.

From your very first meeting you will begin to learn things that your physician is never going to have time to talk to you about.  In the course of talking about your experiences, and hearing about those of others, you will become much better informed for making the difficult decisions ahead of you.  You will most likely also begin to feel a close connection with the remarkable fellows who have been through it all and who continue to make themselves available as resources to the new guys.  It is all free of charge and it often involves a lot more laughs than you can imagine right now.

Like the song says, “You want to be where people know people are all the same. You want to be where everybody knows your name.”